Off The Ricta specialize in Internet security Security
Over 70% of Australia businesses are electronically compromised with 3 days of being connected to a broadband (Cable, DSL...) Internet link.
If your system is compromised by a malicous user, a number a results can apply. These results can range from a simple harmless message somewhere on a server, to being infested with a virus, to being used as a mail relay service and receiving a monsterous Internet bill. The list of what a person tampering with your system can do is needless to say, massive.
There is simply no room for careless administrators anymore. Basically, your system must be robust enough to ward a seasoned cracker away from trying. OTR offer Sales, Support, Installation and Maintenance for a variety of software and appliance type Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, and other security devices from leading brand names such as :

Cisco     SnapGear     Watchguard     AVG     Panda

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